HouseThe home-buying or refinancing path eventually leads to the settlement process. In New Jersey, Armour Settlement Services handles these settlements in two very important ways.

The first function that we serve in the settlement process is providing title insurance. We examine the property, and make sure that there is nothing that can interfere with a clear title, such as outstanding liens or other encumbrances. We also verify that any prior deeds and/or other supporting legal documents are in order. It is also our responsibility to discover and report any potential easements, rights of way, or other restrictive covenants on the property. Finally, we ensure that the new deed and all supporting documents are appropriately registered with the proper New Jersey governmental authority.

The other critical role that our New Jersey Title Company plays in the settlement process is fulfilling its financial responsibilities to each interested party. The final settlement, collecting the required funds, and the disbursement of those funds is handled accordingly.

Along the way through the path to home buying or refinancing in New Jersey, the many experts at Armour Settlement Services are ready and waiting to answer your questions and help in any way possible.

The next time you are contemplating a sale, refinance, home equity loan, or real estate purchase in New Jersey or anywhere in the country, contact us through our Web site or call us at 877-TITLE-30, dept. 245.